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The La Fur website is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. By this, we mean that all data that you as a customer enter into our site is protected and is not shared without your consent. You can easily view the data that the site collects using web cookies, and you can change your preferences to suit you better. Disabling cookies could affect your customer experience and prevent us from customizing the site specifically for you.


As per the GDPR guideline, our website follows these practices:

  • We guarantee that your information is protected under the highest security measures.
  • In case of a security breach, customers will be informed of what information has been compromised.
  • Further, in case of a security breach, La Fur will take every action to protect user data.
  • Stricter prevention methods will be put in place to mitigate the risks of security breaches.
  • Some customer information like shipping details and so on will be shared with our vendors to complete orders.
  • Both La Fur and our vendors place high importance on protecting your personal and sensitive information.
  • All our vendors have been verified and have signed contracts with us which include the protection of customer information.
  • If you find that your information has been misused in any way, you are entitled to take legal action against us. However, we request that you contact us first and let us know what the problem is; if it’s something that can be fixed, rest assured, we will fix it for you.
  • At any time if you wish to know what information is collected and whom it is shared with, we invite you to view our Privacy Policy.
  • If you have any questions regarding the collection and protection of your data, please contact our customer service.


How we collect your information

There are three main ways in which La Fur collects customer information:

  • Information that the customer provides.
  • Information collected automatically during site visits.
  • Information that we receive from our vendors.


Information customers provide: To make any purchases on the La Fur site, you will be required to register with us. We use this process to ensure that only genuine customers are using our site. To register, you will need to fill an online form with your details like name, email address, shipping address and so on. At the time of purchase, additional information like credit card or online payment details will be required. All this information is provided knowingly by you and is collected and stored by us.


Information that is collected automatically: When you visit our site, we use web cookies to collect information about your interaction with the website. Some of the information collected includes browsing history, services used, the preferred mode of payment and so on.


Information received from vendors: We use third-party services for our payment gateway, shipping, and so on. Our vendors provide us with information regarding the completion of the order, like, if the payment went through successfully or if an order was not delivered for some reason.


Please contact us if you require any more information about our GDPR policy.