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How to Take Care of Your Fur

Fur coats are one of your most precious assets and caring for them in the right way will ensure they last for a lifetime! Besides the luxury, these coats are appreciated for their utility in winters!


Fur care in Summer

Whether in summer, winter or in the rains, taking care of your fur coat is essential. In summers, you have to pay extra attention to how you store your fur coat.  High humidity or heat can damage the sensitive fur, resulting in cracking and stiffness.  A temperature of 45 degrees F with 50 percent humidity and a cool, dark vault is ideal for the fur coat. Professional fur storing vaults are the other ideal options as they prevent fading or bleaching of the fur coat’s color.


Winter fur care tips

Here are some everyday fur coat care tips:

  • Always hang your fur coat on a padded, broad hanger that is sturdy enough to hold the shape of the shoulders. Check if the hanger’s neck is long enough so that the coat’s collar is not touching the hanging rod.
  • Avoid hanging the fur coat in plastic or garment bags. Unlike cotton, these materials do not breathe, which can result in the fur cracking or drying out. Use 100 percent cotton based bags which will ensure appropriate air circulation and to keep dust away.
  • Always remember to take out any piece of jewelry from your fur coat. If you leave it pinned on, the fur could mat.
  • Go hands-free when wearing a fur coat or carry a stylish clutch. Using a shoulder bag can result in the fur wearing off, leaving an ugly bald spot.
  • If you are out in the open where there’s lots of dust, wear a scarf. This will help prevent dust or makeup from staining or soiling the collar of the fur coat.
  • Perfumes and hairspray can also dry out the fur as most of these contain alcohol. If the perfume also contains other fragrant oils, they can creep into the fur coat leading to rancidity. Strong odors of these sprays, oils or perfumes are stubborn and impossible to get rid of.
  • Take off the fur coat if you have to sit for prolonged periods of time. This will ensure the fur is not crushed. If it is not possible to remove the fur coat, you can also try shifting your position often, so the fur is not subject to constant pressure on the same spot.
  • Carry an umbrella in wet weather to ensure your fur hat stays in shape.


Professional cleaning

If your fur coat has been exposed to snow or rain, hang it until it gets completely dry in a ventilated room. Avoid direct, harsh sunlight, clothes dryer or hair dryer to remove the wetness.  Use your hands to smooth down the fur and shake it to fluff it up. If the coat gets completely soaked in the rain, it is important to take it to a professional fur coat cleaner. The professional cleaning process involves the use of an eco-friendly cleaner in a large drum along with sawdust.  Hand steaming and vacuuming removes the sawdust and any other residues. Large rollers are then used to “electrify” the fur coat where each hair strand is lifted and separated.