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About Us

La Fur is the online dream destination for natural fur jackets. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we sell our superior quality fur jackets internationally.

Born out of a concept of our founder Martina Sallaum to source the most exquisite fur, La Fur seeks to be the sole destination for natural fur jackets.  Established in 2018, La Fur specializes in top quality fur jackets made from the highest quality of natural fur.


A passion for fur at La Fur

Fur has been a fashion accessory and statement since time immemorial. In fact, the history of fur as a form of clothing is believed to have been prevalent 170,000 years ago. Cold climates and harsh winters meant fur was an absolute necessity for humans, the main objective being to provide warmth and comfort. Much later during the 11th century, fur moved on as a commodity to a luxury and style statement in Europe and other regions. Natural fur gives optimal warmth and is highly durable when cared for.

La Fur is excited to be part of the fur revolution. Synonymous with high-quality fur jackets which are popular for their density, volume and uniformity, La Fur seeks to be the preferred destination for fur products.

At La Fur, we embrace innovation and the challenge conventional thinking in style, design and fur! As we set forward to serve our global client base we are fully geared up to showcase the most extensive and exclusive collection of top designs in fur jackets. Our fur is supplied from reputable factories across Greece and Italy, so you can be sure you are getting nothing but the best.


What sets us apart?

We are constantly seeking new horizons while setting new benchmarks in quality utilizing the best of traditional art and science of making exquisite fur jackets. Each sketch is handmade and then the creative teams bring them to life.

Our sole mission is to make these sophisticated natural fur jackets accessible to everyone, across the globe.

La Fur is a revolution in itself, representing a whole new way to buy luxurious fur.  Given the right combination of craftsmanship, creative designs and an uncompromised focus on quality, we bring world-class brand names as the best online web shop for real fur jackets. Every product you buy from our online store is a statement of style, elegance, top-notch quality and perfect craftsmanship.

With years of extensive experience and rich background in fur jackets design and production, our founder brings forth her expertise in sourcing the finest of fur products.

Our modernistic approach is geared up to showcase collections and fabulous designs that are updated constantly to keep pace with the changing seasons and fashion trends.  Our team of talented, creative artists and designers have their hand on the pulse of wide-ranging fur connoisseurs.  And this passion for quality is what makes La Fur stand out as the one stop shop for the most stylish, luxurious, expertly crafted fur jackets.